Our specialist immigration practice through our offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Aberdeen, provides solutions to businesses and organisations seeking to attract and retain the best international talent in every sector of the economy.

Employers face increasing pressure from the UK Government to deter illegal working – with business owners and HR managers risking reputational damage, fines of up to £20,000 and even jail if found guilty of employing illegal workers.

We help clients by drawing on our broad range of expertise to deliver pragmatic and efficient solutions – including our in-depth knowledge of non-business related routes to solving immigration challenges.

Hiring employees from overseas
If your organisation is seeking to retain international workers from the EEA and beyond or to recruit talent abroad there are several processes you should consider. Our specialist team can guide you through the entire process. Read more about hiring employees from overseas.

Applying for a Sponsor Licence
If your organisation is looking to regularly recruit from abroad, you may want to apply to the Home Office for a Sponsor Licence. Our team can make life easier and improve your chances of success by guiding you through the application process. Read more about applying for a Sponsor Licence.

Sponsor Licence compliance action
If the Home Office has suspended your sponsor licence, you will have to move quickly to protect your employees. Our team, led by Jacqueline Moore, is experienced in successfully challenging Sponsor Licence suspensions, and is able to represent you in court, if necessary. Arrange a consultation about Sponsor Licence compliance with our expert team today.

Employment law and right to work
Unlike other service providers, our immigration solicitors are embedded in one of the country’s leading employment law teams, ensuring that your business benefits from specialist employment and immigration law advice. Being able to draw on a range of relevant, specialist expertise allows us to offer you innovative solutions, tailored to your situation, which you are unlikely to receive elsewhere.

Brexit advice for employers
While Brexit may be causing uncertainty for employers and employees, most notably for EU citizens / EEA nationals, there are steps that your organisation can take now to improve the situation for its workforce.

Read more about our bespoke Brexit offerings for employers, including training and up-to-the-minute insight on UK Government policy.

Arrange a consultation today with our immigration solicitors in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Aberdeen.