We offer a fully integrated employment and immigration law service. Our holistic service benefits our clients by providing a unique and unrivalled one-stop solution for all HR employment and immigration issues.   

For HR professionals, the people question is front and foremost of the business agenda with Brexit on the horizon. Official statistics reveal a dramatic decline in EU labour, with many EU migrants choosing to stay away. The numbers are likely to dramatically decline further if free movement ends, particularly if EU migrants are subjected to the same onerous rules and regulations as non EU labour.  

Brexit immigration services
We offer a range of Brexit immigration services to help businesses both provide support to their EU workforce as well as helping them prepare strategically for the UK leaving the EU. The psychological impact of Brexit on employees should not be underestimated, our services are specifically designed to assist employers support and demonstrate to their staff that they are valued.

HR Immigration Advisory Services
We also offer a highly responsive HR immigration advisory service dealing with all immigration issues on a pay as you go basis. Our advisory service gives you access to a specialist immigration lawyer who will provide a swift response to your query. 

The service is delivered by our extremely experienced immigration team whose expertise covers both personal and business immigration.

HR professional questions we most frequently answer include queries around Sponsor licence compliance, Brexit related queries and Right to Work queries. 

Right to Work queries
Our joined up services are particularly helpful for employers who are trying to establish whether an employee has a continuing right to work. Businesses who employ workers illegally face a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per illegal worker and/or a criminal penalty. However, they can obtain a full statutory defence against either penalty if they obtain a document from their employer to evidence their right to work.    

Whether an individual has a right to work is not always a straightforward issue. For years, immigration practitioners have questioned the reliability of the Home Office Employment Checking Service on this issue. 

Recently, in the reported case of Afzal v East London Pizza, the Tribunal made the following observation on the Employer Checking Service: “I might add that experience shows that the Employee Checking Service is not always fully informed or up to date.”

To obtain an expert assessment on your employee’s current right to work and/or further information on any of our immigration and employment services please contact either Jacqueline Moore on 0131 473 5451 or Jacqueline.Moore@shepwedd.com or Blair Melville on 0141 566 8518 or Blair.Melville@shepwedd.com.