Brexit represents the most fundamental change to immigration law since immigration control began in the 1960s. Since the referendum vote took place, our specialist immigration team has been advising both businesses and EU nationals on the impacts of Brexit and how best to insure against these.

Our immigration team’s work has involved collaboration with a number of business groups and government bodies including the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI), and the Scottish Government.  We have also been actively representing our business clients at a high level through direct engagement with Home Office officials on reform of the future immigration system.

To find out how we can help your business deal with the people impacts of Brexit and, if based in Scotland, how you can obtain Scottish Government support of up to £4,000 to fund Brexit-related support for immigration and other legal services, see our Brexit support for businesses page.

Legal Advice for EU nationals and their families

The human impact and consequences of Brexit for EU nationals is significant. We have advised a large number of EU nationals both on a private basis and through one-to-one sessions arranged through their employers on their rights and the rights of family members. For further information for EU nationals and how we can assist you, please see our Immigration advice for EU nationals page.

Retaining EU Citizenship - Guide to obtaining an EU Passport in all 28 member states

Brexit will not only change the immigration status of EU nationals but will also fundamentally impact the immigration status of British citizens, who will lose their status as citizens of an EU member state when the UK leaves the bloc.  Thousands of British citizens have chosen to insure against this by applying for EU nationality from other member states.

Since the referendum, we have received numerous requests from British citizens looking for legal advice on obtaining EU nationality from other member states. To assist in this process we have worked with other European lawyers to produce a guide on how to obtain a passport in every EU member state and hope that both British citizens and non-EU nationals and their advisers will find it a useful tool in their citizenship journey.

You can access our Passport Guide here.

EU Citizenship Passport Guide