Only advocates and solicitor advocates are qualified to appear in the higher courts including the Court of Session, High Court of England and Wales, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice. Shepherd and Wedderburn has four solicitor advocates, with a wide range of experience, available to provide specialist support. Our solicitor advocates enable the commercial dispute resolution team to progress dispute resolution to conclusion without necessarily having to instruct external counsel.  

Selecting the right team to present a case at Court is crucial to successful dispute resolution. This applies to both the written and oral presentation of the case. Our team of solicitor advocates is available from the outset to provide expert support and tactical advice.  Our solicitor advocates work closely with our experienced solicitors and clients, as required, to ensure the best possible outcome.  Our team provides clients with a seamless service and direct access to the people who will be representing their interests. We do of course have a strong relationship with the Bar and in every case we work towards selecting the right team to represent each client. 

Many of our clients have reaped the benefits of being expertly supported throughout the litigation process by our team.