Our securitisation team is the market leading team in Scotland, dealing with the full range of participants, asset classes and deal structures involving Scottish assets which are operative in the UK market.

Having been instrumental in devising the initial structures used to securitise assets in Scotland over 25 years ago, we continue to work with clients to apply our extensive knowledge in this field to new structures and asset types and are regularly involved in similar structured transactions, such as covered bond and national government sponsored bank liquidity programmes.  


BNP Paribas
Acted as Scots counsel for BNP Paribas in the £5.2 billion securitisation of UK Asset Resolution’s Project Durham portfolio of residential mortgage loans.
Citibank N.A.
Acted as Scots counsel for Citibank N.A. in the £405 million inaugural securitisation of a portfolio of auto receivables by Blue Motors.
Lloyds Corporate Markets plc
Acted as Scots counsel for Lloyds Corporate Markets on the £2.8 billion securitisation of a portfolio of auto loan receivables originated by Black Horse Limited.