Our second webinar will look at the practicalities of serving notices that are commonly required in the rural sector, with a particular focus on time and time limits. We will consider practical examples and give guidance as to the interpretation of common expressions regarding the calculation of time which will assist land owners, tenants and their advisers.

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Elaine Brailsford, Partner, commercial and rural litigation

With over 30 years’ experience, Elaine Brailsford leads Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Rural Disputes team.  Elaine has vast experience in the Court of Session, Sheriff Courts, Land Court and Lands Tribunal, and works closely with our rural property and business team. Elaine’s recent experience includes successfully attaching livestock in satisfaction of agricultural tenancy arrears, advising landowners and developers in relation to ransom strips and the removal of boundary features and acting in relation to disputes arising from forestry grant contracts. She is currently acting in a dispute about hydro power scheme where interdict is sought, as well as providing guidance on rectification of a number of wind farm leases.  

Stephanie Hepburn, Associate, commercial and rural litigation

Stephanie Hepburn is an associate specialising in property litigation with a particular focus on rural property disputes. She works with both Elaine and Hamish in relation to all contentious rural property matters.  Stephanie has experience of rural cases in the Court of Session and Sheriff Courts as well as the Lands Tribunal for Scotland and the Scottish Land Court. Recent experience includes advising in relation to an application for rectification of the Land Register to avoid a potential ransom strip situation and raising proceedings for the division and sale of a farm following the dissolution of a farming partnership.  She also regularly provides advice and guidance to a variety of clients on the interpretation of servitudes and title conditions.  

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