Insurance and insolvency are headline issues for the construction industry.  While insurance has long been a feature and requirement of construction projects, it can also be complex, with uncertainty as to what it is, what it covers, and how to use it.  Also, with increasing incidences of insolvency events of contractors or employers, insurance often has a more significant role to play, as do other protective measures parties can take.

This two-part series will explore the basics of construction insurance, as well as the role that insurance and other protective measures have in insolvency situations. First up is Insurance for construction projects: the basics, on Tuesday 22 May 2018, followed by Insolvency in construction projects: insurance and other protective measures on Tuesday 12 June 2018.



These webinars will be particularly relevant to construction professionals including:

  • Contracts and commercial managers
  • Project managers and consultants
  • In-house lawyers
  • Client representatives
  • Clients
Online Event
Online Event