We are very fortunate to have a fantastic client list – and we work very hard to keep it that way. By delivering outstanding service and by developing and establishing good working relationships, we support the strategic aims and objectives of our clients. We believe that our client list reflects the depth, breadth and quality of expertise we offer. This page shows a selection of the clients we work with. Click on the Client list for information about recent work

  • ...this is a business that thrives on an excellent and well-managed internal network of highly skilled lawyers.

  • I have not come across a team that balances high quality advice, client focus and efficient management so well. Every time I put work their way I know it is in great hands.

  • We use them because we get an end-to-end service; they have that focus on our end goal.

  • They are agile and quick to respond, and they understand our business and the markets we operate in.

  • They are very helpful, professional and will always go that extra mile.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn is an excellent firm, which is why I continue to use it. The key distinction from other firms is actionable advice balanced with business acumen and industry knowledge. In other words, I do not need a translation of the local telecoms law, I need to understand how it works in practice on the ground, and the nature of the risks I might encounter.

    Senior director
  • They are responsive, have good working knowledge of the law and a particularly strong understanding of the personalities of judges, so their advice is strategic.

    Gordon Downie is praised by clients as "very able, practical and good at picking the right battles" and Natasha Durkin is known in the market for giving advice of "a high quality” and being “very insightful on issues.

  • The communication is so good that I tend to think of the lawyers as internal legal counsel rather than an external resource

  • Stephen Trombala is exceptional - he understands the business mindset.

    His international client base includes prominent names in the technology and oil and gas sectors.

  • Expertise and professionalism are a given, of course. What sets this team apart, however, is the utterly pragmatic, highly responsive and entirely commercial way in which they supported a deal not short of its own peculiar challenges.

  • They have very good response times. They understand our business and are good at tailoring their advice to what the business needs.

  • They were very clear and commercial, but also practical in terms of the range of solutions they offered to us.

  • The firm have got strength and depth in their team. There is a large team to draw on with plenty of experienced people.

  • Highly competent, timely advice delivered in a user-friendly way.

  • I find the work of Shepherd and Wedderburn to be first rate.

  • The service has always been very personal and businesslike, and they offer well-balanced advice.

  • They have the ability to give concise advice and possible consequences of action.

  • Their fees are competitive, response times are good and their advice is balanced and reliable.

  • The firm is outstanding, easy to deal with and houses a lot of knowledge. The team delivers great outcomes. I highly recommend the firm – I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • They were very responsive and helpful. They gave us sensible advice and the transaction was concluded very smoothly.

  • They were responsive in terms of timescale and processes. They have a good working knowledge of the law.

  • They are excellent value for money, flexible to meet our needs, and experts in share plans and executive remuneration.

  • They are excellent value for money, flexible to meet our needs, and experts in share plans and executive remuneration.

  • They excel at providing advice that is commercially astute whilst also being reflective of risk.

  • They can handle complex transactions. 

  • Throughout the transaction they were very much in the trenches alongside the deal team.

  • The team is thorough and attentive. The lawyers do a good job – they understand the nuances of Scottish law, particularly in the rural sector.

  • What I like about them is their very strong commercial focus.

  • The communication is so good that I tend to think of the lawyers as internal legal counsel rather than an external resource.

  • Through their experience they bring a level of commerciality - very good at cutting through to the real issues.

  • They have an excellent understanding of the public sector. 

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn is 'responsible' and ‘always delivers'. The firm is noted for its 'top-quality regulatory advice'.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn is known for being 'fast, responsive and proactive, with no waffle', and for possessing 'great business acumen as well as empathy with people'.

  • The 'commercial' team at Shepherd and Wedderburn is noted for its 'strong technical ability' and ‘strength in depth'.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn provides 'fantastic support and input' and 'exceptional advice on regulatory matters'.

  • They're excellent – they were very responsive, with a very timely turnaround.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn is praised for its 'in-depth industry knowledge' and 'excellent service'.

  • I'd unhesitatingly recommend the team.

  • There's a team approach; they understand what needs to be done to suit the client's situation.

  • I don't think I've ever met a team with such a combination of dynamism, intellect and helpfulness.

  • They're absolutely excellent. They're approachable, good at translating legal requirements into everyday language, clear on what the implications might be operationally and good at suggesting potential actions.

  • They distinguish themselves with their attention to you as an individual with individual needs. They go over and above.

  • They are very good at explaining things to lay trustees and they turn things around very quickly.

  • They provide great quality of service because they concentrate on doing a good job.

  • The team was excellent. The lawyers picked up an esoteric subject very, very quickly.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn were first class. They are very responsive and focused, and I found them to be very satisfactory indeed.

  • Excellent knowledge of the UK energy industry and good at bringing relevant issues to our attention.

  • They were very familiar with the key issues for us and they were very quick to respond, very proactive; it is easy to get them on the phone or on e-mail and they were also good at offering solutions to problems.

  • Very responsive and quick, providing high quality documents.

  • They have been our number-one choice for the past eight years. They have good resources in terms of strength and depth; and we've never felt that they have other clients that come before us – they are always available when we need it.

  • They're great. They're one of the few firms that knows the capital markets very well.

  • We take their technical expertise at Shepherd and Wedderburn for granted. They all have very good knowledge of their own markets.

  • There is always a way to get things done with these guys. The quality of our relationship allows for no taboo areas of discussion. We also appreciate the fact that they go above and beyond to look after their clients by offering training to our younger members of staff.

  • The team displays professionalism at all times when dealing with its clients and always provides them with the necessary reassurance.

  • Our longstanding legal advisers Shepherd and Wedderburn offered invaluable assistance and reassurance to the family shareholders in our sale and partial reinvestment when we made the transition to being an employe-owned company.

    Richard Tough, Director
  • The kind of support they provide is absolutely fantastic. They’re so proactive and the firm’s responsiveness is second to none.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn is a 'good option for big-ticket cases'.

  • They're excellent – without fault.

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn's lawyers are 'on a par with any Magic Circle firm'.

  • The team is responsive and provide reliable advice whilst remaining alive to the commercial realities of the transaction in question.

  • We like to act fast and it can keep up with us.

  • I've been really impressed with them ever since I first met them. They are very clear, thorough and concise, and set out clear responses. I've got nothing but praise.

  • We have been immensely impressed with Shepherd and Wedderburn's strict legal advice, blended with a strong understanding of commercial issues. The 'entrepreneurial spirit' is similar to the Petmin culture.

    Jan du Preez, Chief Executive
  • As our sole legal advisers, we see the Shepherd and Wedderburn lawyers very much as part of our own team. They understand what we do and that is invaluable in enabling us to move quickly in developing and growing our business.

    Marcus Kneen, Chief Financial Officer
  • Shepherd and Wedderburn are a joy to work with, the advice is always clear and concise and the team are accessible and responsive to enquiries.

    Marrack Tonkin, Company Secretary
  • They are not just corporate legal advisers: they have a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and what we in Cairn are looking to achieve strategically. They put forward achievable, common sense solutions which always meet our aims.

    Jann Brown, Managing Director and CFO
  • The property lawyers I use at Shepherd and Wedderburn inspire real confidence. I know they are protecting my interests and I can rely on them to reach a commercial conclusion.

    Ben Grose, Retail Asset Manager
  • For the past five years Shepherd and Wedderburn have been our first port of call for all our legal services. We have found the quality of advice and the level of service across the firm to be outstanding. We especially value and derive a real benefit from their understanding and interest in the oil and gas sector and I genuinely believe their proactive approach really makes a difference to our business.

    Peter Wilson, Director and General Counsel
  • Shepherd and Wedderburn has a strong brand and quality people who help me to get to the right answer in a straightforward and commercial way. The advice they provide at all levels of the firm and across a wide range of subject areas is pragmatic and directed towards finding the best solution for us as a Company.

    Donald McPherson, Company Secretary
  • The lawyers we instruct at Shepherd and Wedderburn provide an exemplary service and are quick to offer practical solutions when problems arise. They are a pleasure to work with.

    Gordon Brough, Global Head of Legal
  • The lawyers are indefatigable, intuitive and invaluable.

    Matthew Oakeshott
  • We have used Shepherd and Wedderburn for a number of years for large projects, corporate and property work. They provide focused and commercially oriented advice on a par with the best City of London firms. Value for money is exceptional and client care paramount. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

    Simon Pugsley, Head of Legal
  • In a tough business environment they have proved that they have the skills and the people to get things done in a pragmatic and commercial manner to suit the needs of their client, always with a smile on their faces they are a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Andrew McLean
  • The Commission has used Shepherd and Wedderburn for some ten years and holds the firm in the highest regard. We have had - and continue to have - fantastic support and input on the regulatory side in particular. The firm's regulatory advice is top quality and exceptional and would not likely be bettered by any other firm in the UK.

    Alan Sutherland, Chief Executive