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Application process for legal summer placements 2017 are now open

All applications can be made via our online application process - please click on here to access the application form

Please note that CV’s will not be considered.

Only applicants who are eligible to commence a 2 year traineeship in August 2019 will be considered

Completing the application form

  • Ensure that all sections of the form are fully completed
  • When completing sections on positions of responsibility, your greatest achievement and your planning and personal organisation, please detail any transferable skills you have attained from this.
  • Please ensure that you specify all dates/durations of any paid or unpaid work you have carried out.
  • Some information, which you may feel is not relevant to an application for a legal traineeship, may be relevant – don’t discount it!  For example, playing football on a regular basis is a demonstration of team working.
  • Our graduate recruitment campaigns are very competitive and the application form is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

When to apply

  • Early application is encouraged as applications are considered and offers issued on a rolling basis.

Interviews and testing

  • If selected for interview the first part of the process is the completion of numeric and verbal reasoning tests followed by an interview with a member of the HR team. This process should take approximately two hours.
  • If successful at the first interview/testing session you will be asked to attend a second interview which will involve reviewing a legal scenario and presenting your findings to a panel of senior staff. You will be given the legal scenario half an hour ahead of the meeting with the panel and will be able to take notes which you can refer to throughout your presentation.
  • A further interview will immediately follow the presentation of the legal scenario.
  • After the second stage of recruitment you will be informed of one of three possible outcomes:
    • Offer:  You will be offered a position with the firm
    • Pend: You will be informed that your application is still under consideration and that a final decision cannot be taken at this time.  In the case of a ‘pend outcome’ no detailed feedback will be provided until a final decision is reached.  Pending applications are reviewed regularly with a view to updating you as soon as possible.
    • Decline:  You will be informed that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion

Useful Tips – Application Stage

  • When competing your application form remember you can save it in part completed format and return to it, this allows time for measured reflection on content.
  • As we receive a large number of applications you need to take time to differentiate yourself. Feel free to draw from personal, academic or work achievements.
  • Ensure you proof-read your final application to avoid any silly spelling or grammatical errors. Our lawyers need to demonstrate attention to detail and a well completed application form is taken as evidence of this.  
  • Please tell us if there is anything we should know about to ensure that if you are selected for interview you perform to your best, are there any reasonable adjustments we should make for you at the interview stage?  
  • Finally please demonstrate you have done your homework on us and avoid the trap of falling into generic answers regarding why you are applying to us!

Useful Tips – First Round Testing and Interview

  • Please ensure you understand the logic of the examples provided at the beginning of each ability testing session.
  • Please ensure you work quickly and accurately through the ability tests and if possible do a final check of your answers.
  • Your first interview will be with a member of the HR team and will be competency based, re-read your application and think of examples you could use to demonstrate competency.
  • Be sure you can explain your interest in our business – whilst understanding our business please ensure you also have some understanding of the broader business world in which we operate.

Useful Tips – Case Study and Second Round Interview

We ask all second round candidates to prepare a briefing on a commercial/legal case study – no specialist legal knowledge is required for this exercise.

  • Please ensure you work to the preparation time given.
  • Please extract the key information provided and make appropriate judgement calls about key points of information in the case study.
  • Please structure your briefing in an understandable and coherent format.
  • Please tailor your response to the person in receipt of your information.
  • Have the confidence to express your views and to defend your choices/approach. Frequently we wish to see how you respond to a challenge.
  • Try to relax and be yourself.
  • Your second round interview is likely to be with two senior fee-earning staff. The panel will listen to your case study debrief and seek to develop their understanding of you as a prospective employee for the business.
  • Continue to be yourself. Only by being yourself can we assess whether you will find our working environment right for you
  • Ensure you pause and reflect on your answers.
  • Know your own CV, this helps you anticipate questions

Dos & Don'ts:

Do Don’t
Demonstrate Commercial Awareness Have any typos or mistakes
Show enthusiasm Give vague, rambling answers
Be detail conscious Use generic answers to questions
Show you are an innovative thinker Use cliches or jargon
Apply Early  
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